Freedom of information research


If you’re in business, information is the key to success.  In a tough competitive climate, the more you know about your clients and competitors, the greater your chances of winning new business and retaining your existing contracts.

The FOIA opens the door to a wealth of valuable commercial and political intelligence, which smart companies and campaigners are using to great effect. It’s especially useful to those chasing public sector contracts and those whose fortunes depend on government policy and decision-making.

But using the Act to its full potential can be complex and time consuming.  We’re here to do that work for you.  The UK’s only FOIA research agency, we’re able to quickly locate, access and present the information to help you in areas such as:

  • Competitor intelligence. While genuine commercial secrets are exempt from disclosure, details of previous rival bids for public contracts, and much else, can be unearthed.
  • Customer intelligence and marketing. We can locate critical information on public sector clients; their requirements and the criteria they apply when awarding and evaluating contracts.
  • Ensuring fair treatment. If you suspect your organisation has been mistreated by an official body, we can seek the information that could help you gain redress.
  • Legal cases. Information held by public bodies can often be utilised by lawyers in complex litigation and criminal cases.
  • Media. We can do the FOIA research that many media organisations lack either the time or experience to undertake themselves.
  • Campaigns. We can help charities, NGOs and industry bodies uncover official facts and figures to bolster their campaigns.

Analysis and reports

In its raw state the information available under the FOIA is often dense and confusing.  We can analyse the data, and, through our sister company Write Arm, produce reports highlighting the information most useful to you.

Other services

If you require information that can’t be obtained through FoI legislation, we can also provide you with more general research and analysis services.

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