FOI Training and Consultancy

The Freedom of Information Act presents major challenges to the private and public sectors alike.

If you’re in the private sector…

How much of your contract information will be open to scrutiny?  How do you find out about your rivals’ government contracts?  What can you discover about their products?

If you’re in the public sector…

How do you meet the challenges of FoI implementation?   How should you organise your internal communications?  And what do you do if someone requests information that cast your organisation in a poor light?

If you’re in the media or a campaigner…

How can you find out what your local council is spending on private contractors? Or what advice is shaping government decisions?  And how do you find out what information is held on you?

If you are affected by the Act, or want to use it to your best advantage, we are here to help.  Utilising FoI specialists from the public and private sectors, our training encompasses:

  • FoI implementation
  • The impact of FoI on business
  • FoI and communications.

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